This Beautiful Fantastic (2016)

13 Mar


With a competent cast, gorgeous scenery, and solid story line, This Beautiful Fantastic manages to defy all odds and turn out a dud.

The film follows Bella (Jessica Brown Findlay), a quirky recluse laden with anxieties and tics with a fear of nature, as she begins to tend her unruly garden under threat of eviction. Enter into her life Alfie (Tom Wilkinson) her extremely cantankerous neighbour, who just happens to be something of a green thumb; Vernon (Andrew Scott), Alfie’s long suffering cook; and Billy (Jeremy Irvine), a handsome admirer from the library where Bella works. Throughout we learn that not everyone is as they seem, and even the hardest hearts hold tender secrets- so why doesn’t it work?

Most glaringly obvious is that this is a film we’ve seen hundreds of time in one way or another, when you are treading ground this familiar you need to produce something incredibly slick for it to be worthwhile and slick it is not. This Beautiful Fantastic is riddled with clichés, clunky dialogue, and clumsy character molds. Its one saving grace is that even working with such a tired script, OBE Tom Wilkinson delivers a seamless performance from start to finish, but he cannot make up for the film’s shortcomings.

At best, a rainy day film.



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