Ali’s Wedding (2017)

12 May

alis-wedding.jpgLoud, verbose, and extremely over the top; Ali’s Wedding is almost an action movie rather than a rom-com, but what really sets it apart is that the story it’s based on is true….

Co-written and starring Osamah Sami, Ali’s Wedding is quite closely based on a chain of events that transpired in his life after he made the mistake of pretending he was accepted into medical school. Add to the mix an arranged marriage, forbidden love, a musical about Saddam Hussein, and a terrible case of mistaken (terrorist) identity and you have the ingredients for a spectacular Australian small film.

Throughout the titular character’s many tribulations as the fallen son of a beloved cleric, what shines through is a buoyant picture of Muslim life in Australia. Even in the face of xenophobia and cultural clashes, Ali’s Wedding remains uplifting and hopeful. At it’s core beats a tender heart that can only come from a true story- and what a story it is.

The best film I’ve seen in ages.



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