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Divas: Anika Moa & Julia Deans Perform with Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra (25 June)

26 Jun


Lets be honest; this was never going to be a bad review. When salt of the earth story teller Anika Moa, Julia Deans with her voice of pure crystal, and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra perform together you know the stars are going to align for an evening of warmth and magic. With that in mind, I braved the abominable Auckland cold for a feast of musical soul food. Continue reading


Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra: Settling the Score

3 Dec


It was my birthday last Thursday, incidentally a date shared with the late, great Jimi Hendrix. I had planned a full day, catching David Tennant in a film of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Richard II in the afternoon, and then cycling along the waterfront before capping the day off with my third Auckland Philharmonia concert. But you know what they say about best laid plans; the film was canceled and the cycling put off due to an inopportune cold, so it was left to the APO in their ominously titled concert Settling the Score to salvage the remains of my name day. Continue reading

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra: Unwrap the Music- Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5

15 Apr

It is no secret that I am deeply passionate about making the arts feel more accessible, and while I have pushed this agenda with respect to cinema, I have always harboured a deep, dark personal secret: classical music makes me quake in my boots. Continue reading