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Einsatzgruppen – The Nazi Death Squads (2009)

5 Nov


In June 1941 the armies of Nazi Germany invaded the USSR. What is less well known is that in their wake were the Einsatzgruppen, mobile death squads, who in the course of little over two years shot almost 2 million Jews. Continue reading


National Geographic – The WWII Collection: History’s Darkest Hour (2016)

19 Aug
Comprising four titles ‘Inside World War II’, ‘The Hunt for Hitler’, Nazi Megastructures and Nazi Megastructures 2 ¬†National Geographic presents a somewhat eclectic mix of WWII titles with it’s latest ¬†collection. While I initially had some reservations about the broad selection of topics I was pleasantly surprised with what National Geographic offered.

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The Heavy Water War (2015)

21 Nov
heavy water war
Imagine if Hitler’s Nazi Germany had built an atomic bomb. Whilst this may sound like something straight out of a Philip K. Dick novel it was in fact the very real nightmare scenario facing the Allies during World War Two. The threat was considered so serious that no less than four separate missions were undertaken to stop the Nazi atomic weapons program. The Heavy Water War recounts the Allies missions to destroy the Norwegian Norsk Hydro power plant which produced the dueterium oxide (heavy water), vital to the production of uranium.

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